We deliver “Japan Quality” to overseas.
We exercise our engineering expertise fostered in Japan in overseas projects.

Optimum cost control by risk management

We provide the services useful for client’s rational decision-making by converting project analog information into quantified information such as cost, etc. We also provide necessary information using the data for new construction, renovation and demolition based on our extensive experience. Project harmony and project goal are achieved through our construction manager who coordinates with other project members. At the same time, our construction manager supports the client in the area of technical expertise and human resource.

Services Menu

  • ・Cost design
  • ・Optimization of life-cycle cost
  • ・Rationalization proposal
  • ・Schedule control
  • ・Quality control

Provision of rational design process

We appoint a project manager and organize a design team consisting of architect, structural, electrical and mechanical engineers upon entering into design process requested by our client. In addition, the back-up staff, including construction manager and other engineers forms a project team for design support. Since the project team is formed within the company, we can provide rational proposals at the early project stage, reflecting the insight from structural and M/E perspectives, and can also provide carefully tuned and speedy services.

Services Menu

  • ・Architectural, Structural and Mechanical/Electrical Design
  • ・Construction Supervision

Improvement in value in a medium- to long-term

As a capital investor of real estate directly or of securitization scheme, we invest in real estate for our own account. Our target investment area is either Kansai or Kanto (Tokyo 23 Special Wards) while the target sector is specialized to Residential, Office and Retail.

Example of Our Involvement in Development Project (Scheme Chart)

Scheme Chart

  • ・Advisory Service
  • ・Engineering Report Preparation Service
  • ・Asset Management Service