CIM’s Strengths

CIM Initiative

With our capability of “Management”, “Engineering” and “Innovation” developed over the time, we provide various services on construction, finance and real estate as a collective management company. As “Liquidation of Real Estate”, “Globalization” and “Diversification of Finance” become more common in recent years, we are in the era, in which there is no barrier among construction, finance and real estate and they are linked each other so closely.

Under such circumstance, someone to lead the way understanding the characteristics of each field is wanted. Also, in the midst of rapid globalization, as many stakeholders come on the scene, its accountability becomes more and more important. Our manager with the balanced expertise in construction, finance and real estate, provides services suited for client’s needs.

Three Strengths

  • 01 Collective Strength as a Group
    At CIM, know-how developed over the time by our affiliates is consolidated to provide our clients the multiphase and best solutions in a prompt manner. We are well-organized to collaborate with our affiliates at various stages concerning construction, finance and real estate. This is one of our strengths that we can provide coherent management services in the construction project with complex and entangled elements.
  • 02 Wide Business Range
    We, as a management consultant, can provide you the best project solutions from the various perspectives of in-house specialist in each field. We always pursue the No.1 advantage of our client in proposing management methods.
  • 03 Independence and Third Party Credibility
    As an independent company, we deliver our services with the third party credibility. In the conflict of stakeholders’ interest, the third party opinion is necessary to derive an optimum solution. We make a judgment on various events from the independent perspective while pursuing the best for our client.